We all enjoy playing it!

My brother, Gene Thier, bought the CAMP game for my family as a Christmas gift. I have a 7 year-old (that loves to play board games) and a 3 1/2 yearold (that is just learning). He purchased the game from you in Central Lake on Window Night. Ethan (7) was invited to a birthday party this month and I asked him if he had any ideas for a gift. The party is for a pair of twins that are turning 8, that go camping with their Mom & Dad during the summer. The Camp game was one of his favorite Christmas presents and that was his request to give as a gift. He is very proud to give them this game and the boys getting it will love it. Thank you for developing this amazing game of interesting questions and wonderful fun facts. We all enjoy playing it! The four levels of questions is perfect for any family. Ethan is challenged with level two and level three questions and Jack is proud of himself when he answers a level one question right. It is not too long and not too short. There are nights where we play it once or twice and other nights we play it 5 or more times.

—Sharon Michael and family
Bellaire, MI

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