They had so much fun they didn’t want to go to bed

We heard about the game by reading the article in the Antrim Ct. News. We own 2 hotel rooms at Schuss and get the paper at our home in Southern Michigan. As for the packaging of the game the colors are perfect and the outside of the box is interesting. I like the size as it is hardy and should last for many years. The directions were easy to follow and getting a card with a compass is a challenge and that adds interest. The cards are well thought out to include such a wide variety of ages. The girls keep asking to try the next level. They were easy enough for the 9 year old to read. We played with our two Granddaughters ages 5 & 9 and they had so much fun they didn’t want to go to bed. We all learned some interesting animal facts and they were really wanted to keep playing and playing. They called to tell me they are bringing it over when they come to our home at the lake for Cousins Weekend. We have 5 grandchildren from ages 3 to 9 & they all come to sleep over night. The shipping was done in a timely efficient manner. The entire purchase, shipping and game have been very satisfactory. I am retired but have a degree in Marketing, so nice work!

—Joyce Fisher

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