The children absolutely LOVED it!

I teach a summer camp for children in grades 1st through 5th. I introduced Camp to the kids during our Great Outdoors Theme week. The children absolutely LOVED it! They loved learning all the fun facts about animals and loved the challenge of racing to see who could get to camp first! One child asked ”What do we do once we reach camp” and another child responded ” We roast marshmellows and eat smores of course!´´ . Camp is now the favorite game of our classroom and all the kids can´t wait to have a turn to play it. It was so awesome as a teacher to see the children have so much fun playing this game and learning so much! Another thing that I absolutly loved about this game was that children of all ages can play it. Some of the children could not read some of the bigger words yet and so the older children would help them read the words or help them to sound it out! How awesome to see them working together and helping eachother learn and grow in their reading fluency!! Thank you so much for creating such a fun and educational game that gets children to excited about animals and nature as well as inspires them to read and learn more about nature!!

—Kristen Mason
Kindergarten teacher and Camp Counselor
Tudor Time

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