Smokey Bear Wood Sticker


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Keep vinyl stickers out of our waterways!

Wood Stickers are a new and innovative take on the traditional vinyl stickers. Stick them to anywhere: water bottles, cell phones, coffee mugs, laptops, cars, etc. They make a great gift or souvenir.

ARE THEY REAL WOOD? Yep! We start with FSC certified sustainably grown and harvested wood veneer, because Earth is a pretty cool place and we should take care good of it. Right now we offer two wood types: maple and cherry. But there’s so much wood we want to share with you! Keep your eyes peeled for new wood types coming soon.

HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM? With a giant laser and printer!!! Each wood sticker starts as a digital art file and then we etch/cut/print it with one of our lasers or printers. From there we go all low-tech and finish every sticker by hand. We sand it, apply a protective clear coat, give it a little smooch, and put it in the packaging.

DO THEY STICK WELL? We apply a super-burly 3M adhesive backing. These puppies aren’t ever coming off, so be sure to ask Mom before you put one on the mailbox…

WILL THEY BREAK? Yes, they will bend with the grain but not against it. We fabricate with the grain vertically aligned. So if you gently pinch the edges on the sides the sticker magically bends! If you pinch it at the top and bottom edge (against the grain) you’re gonna have a bad day…

CAN I PUT ONE ON MY CAR? Hells to the yes! The protective clear coat we put on it is made of pulverized diamonds… well not really, but it is really great at keeping out moisture and preventing UV damage. And since we’re a little obsessed over here we spray it with the clear coat three times… just in case. Put wood stickers anywhere you want outside the house. It’s sort of like you’re returning the wood to it’s natural environment. You can run ’em through the dishwasher too by the way.

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Smokey Head, Match Break, Smokey w/ Shovel, Smokey w/ Bear Cubs