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The pages of this book are filled with fun, creative, and educational activities such as Trivia, Fun Facts, and Coloring!

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The award-winning CAMP Travel Edition is compact with a unique portable design. It's the board game you love with all new outdoor trivia cards, vibrant full color images, and content highlighting all 50 states!

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Fly Swat


Collect the most flies and be sure to avoid your opponents’ fly swatters. Make sure to protect your business by swatting your opponents’ hands. Fun for the whole family!

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Make coloring fun with this rustic, eco-friendly set of natural twig colored pencils. Handcrafted out of real recycled wood, every pencil is unique as they vary by nature.

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Travel Games and Activity

Snipe Hunt


The snipe hunt game can be played with two people, two teams or single seeker play and incorporates both indoor and outdoor activity and good old fashioned fun. The object of snipe is to be the first team/person to find the other team/persons snipe and return it to It's nest. After the players have hidden their snipe, the other player will try to find it. After a period of time, If the snipes have not been discovered, they will chirp and then their eyes will light up. Each game comes with (2) snipes and a snipe nest. The packaging tells the story behind these legendary camp fire animals.

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Toasted or Roasted is an offensive/defensive travel game where players try to be the first to start their campfire and toast three marshmallows. But watch out for Roasty because he will burn the marshmallows to a crisp!

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