Camp gets a RAVE review from my husband because it is fun, quick, simple and educational too!

I was super excited to review Camp because we are an outdoorsy, nature loving family so I knew it would be a perfect game for our family.   My most favorite thing about Camp is that it is designed to grow with the players. There are level 1 questions which deal mostly with the identification of animals. As a player increases their knowledge about the great outdoors they grow into higher level questions. I also love that the answers require the use of a decoder. It makes it much easier to assist little ones with reading the questions without worrying you will get a glimpse of  the answer.

As the company name suggests this is a very educational game. Children will learn all about the great outdoors, animals, nature and more.


-Kathy Balman
Mom and homeschooler of 2 children
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Doesn’t the name itself get your curiosity up?

This game is a board game that increases knowledge in geography, and creatures of legend and fact. Each player must collect 3 pieces of evidence about their randomly selected creature. Creatures like Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Yeti have a country of origin where your game piece begins it’s journey.

A couple of the pieces of evidence have the scan bars, and we were able to watch a little clip on the mysterious creature. This was a super cool asset, I would love to see it on more of the cards!


-Melanie Schemanski
Mom and homeschooler of 6 children
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Bradley is currently considering a career in Bigfoot hunting.

In my youth, I had a fascination with unsolved curiosities—UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot. My parents owned a set of Mysteries of the Unknown by Time Life and on multiple occasions I checked out episodes of Secrets & Mysteries from the library. Despite my grown-up level-headedness, I never really outgrew this: a good conspiracy theory or unsolved mystery still piques my interest.

One of the coolest aspects of the game is the collection of online videos.  I enjoyed learning about each creature. While not all the evidence cards are very convincing, the game gives you enough information to spark your interest in the creatures.

My boys insisted I needed to find more evidence for Bigfoot when we were done with the game. I told them I was a little too busy and that Michigan isn’t known as a hotbed for Bigfoot activity, but this did not deter their enthusiasm. Bradley is currently considering a career in Bigfoot hunting.

-Luke Gilkerson
SuperDaddy to 4 children
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The game is definitively a great one to bring while going camping.

One stormy Monday afternoon,I asked my two oldest if they wanted to play a game with me.   I took out the Hit the Trail that I had received about two weeks before and we explored it together.   I played one game with them and then let them play by themselves once while I took pictures.   Laughter was present as we discovered this easy to play game.   As I am writing this they are continuing to play eagerly at the dining table.   I believe the game is a hit for these two boys of mine…

We had a blast playing this quick game which will allow your kids to practice mathematics with adding (or subtracting if you get a penalty card) the points after a run.

In the end, the kids had a great time playing with mom and with each other.  The game is definitively a great one to bring while going camping.    It can keep the kids occupied for a period of time and give you a break at the same time.

-Isabelle Lussier
A stay at home mom who also homeschools her 4 children
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The children absolutely LOVED it!

I teach a summer camp for children in grades 1st through 5th. I introduced Camp to the kids during our Great Outdoors Theme week. The children absolutely LOVED it! They loved learning all the fun facts about animals and loved the challenge of racing to see who could get to camp first! One child asked ”What do we do once we reach camp” and another child responded ” We roast marshmellows and eat smores of course!´´ . Camp is now the favorite game of our classroom and all the kids can´t wait to have a turn to play it. It was so awesome as a teacher to see the children have so much fun playing this game and learning so much! Another thing that I absolutly loved about this game was that children of all ages can play it. Some of the children could not read some of the bigger words yet and so the older children would help them read the words or help them to sound it out! How awesome to see them working together and helping eachother learn and grow in their reading fluency!! Thank you so much for creating such a fun and educational game that gets children to excited about animals and nature as well as inspires them to read and learn more about nature!!

—Kristen Mason
Kindergarten teacher and Camp Counselor
Tudor Time

CAMP makes an excellent gift

CAMP is a fabulous new outdoor education board game featuring four unique levels of play in one game.You can play with the grandkids, kids and other adults all at the same time without anyone getting bored or frustrated. It plays much like Trivial Pursuit, but when you draw a question card, the level 1 question might be a picture of a Canada Goose and the question asks what bird it is. But the same level 4 question is how many sub-species of Canada Goose there are. The answer is 7, and only someone pretty knowledgeable about waterfowl would know that. CAMP’s design and production are top quality, rivaling that of Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers. And the average time required to play a game with four players is about twenty minutes. It is being heralded by educators and parents as the best family-oriented and outdoor education game they have ever played. CAMP makes an excellent gift or addition to your family, resort or lodge game library.

—Ken Morrow
Southwest Missouri Fly Fishers

Kids ended up playing for 3 hours straight!

We got “Camp” as a gift. The first day we opened it, our kids ended up playing for 3 hours straight! They even got up early the next day so they could play it before school. I love this game because my kids can play at one level, and my husband and I can play at another level at the same time. It covers all generations. Every time I play I learn something new. This is definitely a game that I will be giving as a gift this Christmas!

—Tricia Miller

They had so much fun they didn’t want to go to bed

We heard about the game by reading the article in the Antrim Ct. News. We own 2 hotel rooms at Schuss and get the paper at our home in Southern Michigan. As for the packaging of the game the colors are perfect and the outside of the box is interesting. I like the size as it is hardy and should last for many years. The directions were easy to follow and getting a card with a compass is a challenge and that adds interest. The cards are well thought out to include such a wide variety of ages. The girls keep asking to try the next level. They were easy enough for the 9 year old to read. We played with our two Granddaughters ages 5 & 9 and they had so much fun they didn’t want to go to bed. We all learned some interesting animal facts and they were really wanted to keep playing and playing. They called to tell me they are bringing it over when they come to our home at the lake for Cousins Weekend. We have 5 grandchildren from ages 3 to 9 & they all come to sleep over night. The shipping was done in a timely efficient manner. The entire purchase, shipping and game have been very satisfactory. I am retired but have a degree in Marketing, so nice work!

—Joyce Fisher