Fun Facts about Bear Cub Play

Here are some fun facts about bear cubs from the North American Bear Center

Scientists have suggested that young animals might play to:
-stimulate development of the brain
-increase cardiovascular fitness
-“burn off” excess energy
-explore surroundings
-practice fighting, mating, or hunting skills animals will need as adults
-help learn to recognize kin, evaluate risk, or cope with stressful situations
-provide a safe way for young animals to test their abilities, the abilities of -playmates, and the degree of cooperation/competition with them
-help strengthen social bonds, reduce aggression, enhance alliances, increase tolerance, and improve group cohesion
-release endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals.

Snipe Hunt gets mentioned on Midwest Multisport Life


“With kids spanning nearly 4 to 13, it’s not always easy to find family activities that are appropriate and interesting for anyone. Hide and Seek is good family fun, but not always “fair.” Capture the Flag is another favorite, but again, more difficult for the younger ones. Snipe Hunt is a great cross between the two, offering the possibility of Hide and Seek for any age, along with making Capture the Flag easier for the very youngest. “

Snipe Hunt

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