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Purchase Area Family Magazine has listed Pet Pods as one of the “Products We Love.”

“Children are constantly connected to technology. Whether they are watching a movie on a tablet, plugged into their MP3 player or doing homework on the computer there are few hours of the day kids don’t have ear buds in their ears. A nagging issue in most families however is ear buds share the same fate as a pair of socks in the wash, they are always getting lost. Instead of tossed in the bottom of a bag or abandoned in a corner, PetPods are plush critters that have a Velcro pouch to store ear buds inside, and they can be attached via a clip to a backpack, belt loop or computer bag.”

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Rural Mom


Barb Webb from RuralMom.com explains how Toasted or Roasted is a great gift idea for teens!

“It’s often hard to coax your teen to interact with family as they are busy developing their identities and interests… let alone, pry them away from their cell phones. Gifting an attention-getting board game can offer the solution you are seeking by subtling encouraging them to interact.”

rural mom

Toasted or Roasted Game Review


Niels Oomkes from Active Gear Review reviews Toasted or Roasted!

“Toasted or Roasted is for ages 6 and up, and that does seem to be the right age. We did allow our almost 5 year old to partake because she is a big board game fan. With a little help she thoroughly enjoyed the game, and completely blindsided me with a torrential rain downpour that extinguished my fire.  Her enthusiasm and knowledge was taken to the next level when she was the first to put together a nicely “Roasted” marshmallow.  She now continually asks to play because as she puts it “I am the best Marshmallow maker”.”

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