CAMP makes an excellent gift

CAMP is a fabulous new outdoor education board game featuring four unique levels of play in one game.You can play with the grandkids, kids and other adults all at the same time without anyone getting bored or frustrated. It plays much like Trivial Pursuit, but when you draw a question card, the level 1 question might be a picture of a Canada Goose and the question asks what bird it is. But the same level 4 question is how many sub-species of Canada Goose there are. The answer is 7, and only someone pretty knowledgeable about waterfowl would know that. CAMP’s design and production are top quality, rivaling that of Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers. And the average time required to play a game with four players is about twenty minutes. It is being heralded by educators and parents as the best family-oriented and outdoor education game they have ever played. CAMP makes an excellent gift or addition to your family, resort or lodge game library.

—Ken Morrow
Southwest Missouri Fly Fishers

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