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Hello! I’m Woodsy Owl.

I hope you will join me to learn how to
“Lend a Hand — Care for the Land!” Do you know what that means?

It means that if we all work together, the Earth will have clean air and water and will be a healthy place to live for trees and plants, fish, animals and birds like me! Oh, and it also means it will be clean for you, too! So, let’s get started!



This means to cut down on the amount of stuff you use every day to reduce your daily garbage. Use a cloth lunch bag you can wash and use again and again instead of paper of plastic bags you have to throw away. Save water by turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth. Save electricity by turning off the lights when you leave a room. Every time you reduce, you help the environment. Can you think of other ways to reduce?


This means to use the same thing more than once. If clothes do not fit you anymore, give them to a sibling or ask your parent if you can donate them. The same goes with toys, games and books. Draw pictures on the back of printed paper or use old items to make art, like a piggy bank out of an old bleach bottle. Reuse plastic bags from the grocery story. Can you think of other ways to reuse paper or plastic? What kind of art projects can you do?


Recycling is a way of taking something old and turning it into something new again. You can take paper, glass and cans to a recycling center so they can be turned into new items, like clothes, carpet and outdoor furniture. Even old tennis shoes can be remade into a sidewalk and old tires are used on playgrounds. You can even make toys out of old things. How about a helicopter out of an egg carton? Or collect toilet paper rolls to use them to plan seeds or make creative artwork. What can you recycle into something new?


A natural way to turn leftover fruit and vegetables into really good plant food is called compost. A pile of old broccoli, leftover salad, banana peels, egg shells, fall leaves and grass clippings can be saved outside in a compost bin. In one year, you’ll have moist compost that can be used in your garden to help grow more delicious food! Learn more about composting here!

Practice your 4Rs, then write me a letter and let me know how much you have learned.

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Woodsy Owl added 11 new photos.6 days ago
Today I was at Luray Caverns in Virginia, on the production set of FS Nature LIVE’s new program CavesLIVE! I learned that caves and karst landscapes are exciting but sensitive ecosystems. It’s important to not touch any formations because the oils from human hands can prevent the growth of stalagmites and stalactites. Remember to Lend a Hand and Care for the Land!!

Go to www.caveslive.org for more information about these magnificent places.
Woodsy Owl
Woodsy Owl2 weeks ago
Whooo else can think of another type of single-use plastic that we can reduce on #WastelessWednesday? Let's see who has been practicing #LeaveNoTrace outside the forests as well as in our daily lives!
Woodsy Owl
Woodsy Owl3 weeks ago
We've talked about reusing plastic bags for #WastelessWednesday, but have you ever thought about conserving water by reusing it? Reusing water (not for drinking purposes) is called grey water and it can lower your individual consumption of resources and money! If you love greenery and decorate your home with hanging baskets or planters, you can place a bucket below to catch the extra water being filtered through, and then use the collected water to water your remaining plants. Easy, and green indeed! https://buff.ly/2oaOAw6
Woodsy Owl
Woodsy Owl3 weeks ago
The Arizona National Scenic Trail (Arizona Trail) is next for our #TrailTuesday spotlight. 800 miles of hiking, mountain biking, even snow mobiling, on this trail! From beginning to end, Utah to Mexico, there's lots of variation on this trail. Whether you're off exploring in the desert or the boreal forest remember, friends, to #LeaveNoTrace!
Woodsy Owl
Woodsy Owl3 weeks ago
#LendAHand by trading disposable plastic water bottles for reusable ones! It's one less thing to trash when you stay hydrated from using the tap or refill stations! https://buff.ly/2ETq4cI
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